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Funny how many people I cared about never show up on that infamous wall even though you know they’re posting important life events but soley based on a random algorithm we rarely catch a glimpse into what’s happening with them. Yet, there’s such overload on all the other pics of cats, snacks, and duck face snap chats that we/I rarely seek out these once real friends to say hello. It’s almost like they don’t exist and if they don’t make it to our feeds. Weird eh?


Soooo my vision is to create a space that’s mine and reflects some of what I’ve been up to these past few years. I think it best to host my own contents and then share links FROM my own space here on the inter webs instead of succumbing to the rules and regulations of all these other platforms that we All know are using and abusing whatever bit and byte of information they can extrapolate from our passive posting unwitted willingness and unhealthy apathy -etic one way discourse the climb some untangible instagram ladder to self stardom. I’ve never seen more people full of nonsense carry egos the size of galactic star cluster. What a Cluster fuck!


I guess this is also part of my ‘cant’t beat em, join em’ revelation. I’m grown grossly sick and tired of seeing so much weak content and boneheaded humans acting like fools in order to gain some sort of ‘fame’ and all these rappers spewing nothing but garbage out of there faces and all the while calling themselves ‘artists’. Well, I’m an artist too and this page is the pudding I’ve made for me to put the proof.